Windshield repair and replacement


  • The original seal is the strongest bond (and is linked to the deployment of airbags)
  • ADAS calibration is not needed (Advanced Driver Assistance System – lane departure, park assistance, etc.)
  • Lower cost
  • Takes less time to repair (can be done in a combination of other services and do not have to wait for parts)
  • Lower environmental impact (most windshields are not recycled)

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Customers must be aware…

  • Repaired area will not be the same as before
  • Expect 70-90% of clarity to be restored to reduce driver distraction
  • Repairs could possibly last 10-15 years (depending on the type of damage)
  • Chip repair can be done during any service appointment (including oil changes, tire changes, battery replacements, etc.)
  • Not all chips will be able to be repaired
  • Pricing Varies with SGI Claim

Indian Head Chrysler is not responsible for windshield replacements in case the repair fails. We will not charge for the chip repair attempt and can replace the windshield in our shop if needed.

Note: Pricing for windshield repair varies