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Open Monday to Saturday 8am-5pm

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Do you live in the moment or are you looking ahead to the future? With a trip to Indian Head Chrysler, we can help you do both. Our wide selection of pre-owned vehicles will give you an opportunity to get the vehicle you love at a price that won't break the bank.Tight budgets can be tough, but they're not an impossible challenge, and we'll prove it! Come in, find the vehicle you need and love and watch our financing team work their magic to make a spectacular deal come together for you.

We're thrilled to offer a huge inventory of pre-owned marvels - cars, trucks, and SUVs of many makes and models are available to test-drive, buy, and enjoy! To see these spectacular used cars for sale near Moosomin, visit our lot today!


We do our research to ensure that you're guaranteed the best price around.


We provide complimentary loaners and shuttle vehicles for our service customers!


We aren't happy until you're happy. Our customer care extends after the sale!



Indian Head Chrysler - Great Used Cars For Your Budget GREAT USED CARS FOR YOUR BUDGET

Living on a budget is always a challenge. Doubly so when you have a tight budget and a savings plan for future goals. We're here to work with your budget and find a pre-owned vehicle that will help you stay on-target while driving in style. The best used cars for sale near Moosomin are here - at Indian Head Chrysler.

Indian Head Chrysler - Planning Ahead for Your Future near MoosominPLANNING AHEAD FOR YOUR FUTURE NEAR MOOSOMIN

You should always consider your priorities when making a vehicle purchase. It may be vital to get an amazing, reliable car, truck, or SUV that you can trust through any weather, while staying on a strict budget. Getting a used vehicle is a great choice, and we have a wide variety of options that won't compromise your savings plan.

Indian Head Chrysler - The Upside of Savvy Investments THE UPSIDE OF SAVVY INVESTMENTS

Many people will say that price is a direct correlation to quality, but when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, making the best use of your money means finding a vehicle that fulfills your needs without overexerting your pocket. Find an amazing range of affordable vehicles at Indian Head Chrysler today!

Indian Head Chrysler - A Truly Innovative Automotive Dealership A TRULY INNOVATIVE AUTOMOTIVE DEALERSHIP

We've discovered a completely new approach to helping amazing people like you find their ideal vehicles: instead of suggesting the most expensive vehicle you can possibly get, we recommend the one that you can afford comfortably, feel good in, and love from the inside out. Visit us and try our approach at Indian Head Chrysler.