Stone Shield Protection

Protect your car or truck with Stone Shield Protection. Looking to protect your JEEP? Visit our Jeep selection below.


Bronze $795 Partial Hood, Fender Tips, Mirrors, Head & Fog Lights
Silver $995 BRONZE + A-Pillars & Roof Line
Gold $1,495 SILVER + Front Bumper
Platinum $2,295 GOLD + Wear & Tear + Rockers + Lower Doors
Tow Package $995 Tailgate & Rear Bumper

Additional Options

Headlights/Fogs $195
Roofline $495
A-Pillar & Grille $695
Upper Bumper $295
Lower Bumper $495
Tailgate $495
Rear Bumper $445
Rockers $995

Stone Shield Protection

Virtually invisible urethane layer that protects your vehicle's paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value. Covered by a 10 Year Warranty Protect your investment against: Rocks, Salt & Sand, Oils, Tree sap, Bug Acids, Bird Droppings.

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