Riding Your eBike in Winter

Did you know that you can ride your Biktrix eBike during a Saskatchewan winter? It's true! Watch the video below to see Josh, General Manager at Indian Head Chrysler, take a spin in our dealership lot!

UPDATE: We had a question from one of our YouTube fans related to eBiking in the winters and here is the response we gave him:

Most of all, I think it depends on how harsh of winter you are planning to ride in. Here are a few things you would want to consider:

1 - Tire width - Getting wider (fatter) aftermarket tires will make things a lot easier, you may also want to look into studded tires

2 - Temperature - this affects your battery capacity a lot; for example, at temperatures of -40, your capacity can be reduced up to 55%

3 - Time between ridings - make sure that when you charge your battery it is at room temperature, this means you won't be able to start charging again immediately

4 - Maintenance - Your bike will require more maintenance in the winter (example: salt on roads) as well as consideration for moisture (wipe down time) and lube requirements

5 - Payload - if you are travelling with lots of weight, your balance and battery weight might be affected

6 - Terrain - what type of conditions are you biking in? Hills, Off-road, flat, etc.? Keep in mind that if you are constantly stopping (example: traffic lights) that this will have a big impact on your battery life. We had one customer who had this issue and returned to purchase a second battery in order to make his daily commute in the city.

7 - eBike model - Some of our eBike models perform better in the winter than others, these models do typically carry a higher price tag

8 - Accessories - You will definitely want to invest in a warm pair of gloves, protective eye wear (think dry eyes), protective head gear and good quality jacket

One note from our employees who use their eBikes on a daily basis: a bike basket is absolutely essential if you plan to use it in everyday life. We strongly recommend splurging for a high quality bike basket because it will make your trips easier and more enjoyable.

If you want to chat directly with our sales team to find out more about whether an eBike in the winter can fit your needs, please feel free to reach out or schedule a test drive. (We are located in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada)

biktrix from eBike

Also, watch this video created by Biktrix-- a Saskatchewan-based company-- to find out how you can get the best results from riding your electric bike in the freezing, cold ice and snow.

A few notes from this video:

Video starts at 2:38

(1) Make sure you dress appropriately for the cold, including thermal mitts and sunglasses.

(2) Ensure that your helmet still fits with all the additional gear.]

(3) 14:20 - Make sure to wipe of any moisture after your ride, especially if there is salt on the roads.

(4) Use a wet lube and lube more frequently during the winter months.

(5) Look into which type of tire is best for the conditions you are riding in, such as studded or wider tires.

(6) Charge your battery once it gets back to room temperature.

(7) Clean your brake rotors with isopropyl alcohol in case of salt or dirt gets lodged.

(8) Avoid riding in slush because it hard to get traction.

(9) Travel with a light as it may get dark sooner.