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Why a Jeep Compass

At one point, the only thing automotive achievement stood for was speed - the basic power of a motor turned into record-breaking velocity. Today, the term is more complete, more well-rounded and more applicable to everyday life.

Streamlined, aerodynamic design, fuel efficiency, and technology for adapting to many environments and circumstances - all of those aspects are now a part of that achievement and of the new design of your Jeep Compass. Quad-halogen headlamps and incandescent tail lamps, a capless fuel filler, and all-season tires are just a few of the features that prove this SUV is an athlete at peak performance.

Make your future SUV, your Compass, prove its Jeep® badge to you. Test drive the best Jeep Compass near Regina at Indian Head Chrysler today. 


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Indian Head Chrysler - Your Jeep Compass - Equally Stylish and Unexpectedly Convenient

Your Jeep Compass - Equally Stylish and Unexpectedly Convenient

You may have heard that beauty requires sacrifice, but every saying has its exception, and in this case, the Jeep Compass near Regina is exempt from the rule. Its sleek, sporty design is combined with the comfort of heated mirrors, while the interior, despite its luxurious look, offers standard front and rear floor mats, making your Compass easy to keep clean.

Indian Head Chrysler - Effective Organizing Without Extra Effort near Regina

Effective Organizing Without Extra Effort near Regina

From our homes to our workspaces, clutter is a constant threat to our comfort and our peace of mind. Your Compass will help you stay on top of the stuff-induced chaos. For example, the full-length centre console with sliding armrest will keep your most useful items close-by and at hand, but not in the way.

Indian Head Chrysler - Connect Your World with Jeep

Connect Your World with Jeep

Whether your navigation is a classic fold-out map or a digital version of it - a GPS - your Jeep Compass is ready to help you find your way. The overhead console reading lamps will help you check your route and your media hub's audio input jack will help you enjoy some tunes along the way and hear the driving directions.

Indian Head Chrysler - Point Your Heart to Happiness

Point Your Heart to Happiness

You've already made the best decision you could - to get a Jeep Compass as your next SUV. To truly love and enjoy your Compass, however, you need to feel enjoyment, happiness, and satisfaction while purchasing it. Experience all these emotions and more when getting your Jeep Compass near Regina from our team of experts at Indian Head Chrysler.

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