How to Ride an eBike

Looking to try an eBike for the first time? Check out this video created by Biktrix Electric Bikes on their YouTube Channel. Indian Head Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ltd. proudly sells eBikes by Biktrix– a Saskatchewan based company.

In order to test drive an eBike at Indian Head Chrysler, we require a waiver signed as well as the rider to wear a helmet. We strongly recommend that customers bring their own helmets, but we will have a few sanitized helmets available on site.

A few points to note from this video…

(1) Make sure that you eBike is assembled properly and that the chain/pedals are properly working.

(2) Test your eBike first without turning on the power first.

(3) Check to see if your eBike is fitting you properly– including checking your handle bars and seat. (Check video around 5:20)

(4) Try your gears out starting at 1 in order to get used to the power from the motor. Upshift based on comfort. Make sure that your chain is on the largest cog (gear 1).

(5) Learn about proper gear shifting techniques in order to save your motor from working too hard. (Check video around 20:00)

biktrix from eBike