We offer high performance electric bikes and eBike accessories at great prices.


Why buy an eBike?

There’s a Biktrix electric bike for every rider. From seniors getting out to exercise, to commuters on their way to work, to thrill seekers who need adventure, power, and speed, there’s a Biktrix eBike that fits. Biktrix is a local Saskatchewan company, based out of Saskatoon.

Good for different road conditions - mud, snow etc.

Travel Faster, for longer distances without getting tired

Makes travelling uphill easier.

Biktrix Bikes

Swift series
starting price

Juggernaut series
starting price

Stunner series
starting price

1 year warranty on electronics and lifetime warranty on the frame; not on wearable components. Warranty is offered at Indian Head Chrysler, who are also a certified centre for Biktrix.

Users interested in financing an ebike can make use of Paybright through the dealership.

Test Drives
The ebikes at the store are fully charged and assembled for interested buyers to test ride. All test drives require a liability waiver to be completed.

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