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BG Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection

Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection Program

Indian Head Chrysler is proud to offer a complementary 6 month or 10,000 km limited warranty covering up to $2,000 in repairs on nearly all used vehicles in stock! This is available on every used vehicle purchased less than 20 years old, and with under 193,000kms.
You can then extend this coverage to Limited Lifetime Warranty on your vehicle by following the recommended maintenance for your vehicle with the Lifetime BG Protection Plan! More information on that program can be found here.

What Does This Program Cover?

Some of the items the BG Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection program covers include:

Engine components

Covers components such as pistons, piston rings, push rods, bearings, etc.


Covers internally lubricated parts.

Cooling systems

Covers heater cores, water pumps, radiators etc.

Power Steering

Covers lubricated parts within the power steering box or rack.

Brake systems

Covers lubricated parts within the pump, valves, master cylinder, calipers, etc.

For Your Peace of Mind

This protection is provided by a partnership between BG Products and Indian Head Chrysler, and does not replace a manufacturers or 3rd party service contract, but will provide a little extra protection to customers when they first purchase a used vehicle from us.

BG Pre-Owned Protection

Do you have any questions about the BG Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection program? Reach out to us at any time and we'd be happy to answer them!

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